OpenVigilFDA overview

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OpenVigilFDA version string: Open VigilFDA v1.0.2
OpenVigilFDA license/contact/website: GNU Public License (GPL) version 2
Project developer:
PHP version: 7.4.14
Date & time of API access: 2021-10-28 20:23:38
openFDA meta.disclaimer: Do not rely on openFDA to make decisions regarding medical care. While we make every effort to ensure that data is accurate, you should assume all results are unvalidated. We may limit or otherwise restrict your access to the API in line with our Terms of Service.
openFDA meta.license:
openFDA meta.last_updated: 2021-10-14
openFDA for whole dataset: 13703970
openFDA with patient.drugs.openfda: 12297190
Percentage of openFDA-tagged safety reports: 89.73

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